Full Seven Day Service to Begin May 19 (Get up to Speed)

Full Seven Day Service to Begin May 19 (Get up to Speed)

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The Discover Niagara Shuttle launches full seven day service on Friday May 19, 2017 for its second season. The service is once again absolutely free for our riders thanks to our many partners and advertisers, and will run from 9am-6pm Sunday through Thursday and 9am-12am Friday and Saturday. During our new extended hours, the shuttle will skip the Old Fort Niagara, Power Vista, Whirlpool, Oakwood Cemetery, NACC and Aquarium of Niagara stops. During special events that run into the night, this may be adjusted. 

The shuttle will hit each stop every 40-45 minutes during the hours of 9am-6pm, and about once an hour from 6pm-12am. Many factors, such as traffic, can impact these times but these are pretty accurate guidelines to use. Don't forget, you can track our shuttles in real time using our mobile app.

We look forward to another successful and exciting season delivering our riders to an expanded fifteen destinations. Be sure to review our FAQ page for additional information, or contact us

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