What begins with witnessing one of the world's magnificent natural wonders will lead to a journey of discovery. Our mobile friendly apps are designed to help you plan a memorable trip to Niagara Falls, USA and experience the history, culture and communities that are defining Niagara today.

Discover Niagara Shuttle App

iOS | Android

Park your car and experience Niagara’s iconic landscape, rich history and the thriving culture and communities along the scenic Niagara River with the ease and convenience of a hop-on/hop-off shuttle. Enjoy a day of discovery as you connect to over 12 destination sites along the 14-mile route from the “Falls to the Fort.”The free, mobile friendly app provides a convenient way to get your tickets and view the location of the shuttle as it travels between sites.

Discover Niagara App

iOS | Android

Get connected with the Discover Niagara app and experience Niagara's iconic landscape, rich history, and thriving culture. Travel deeper and create your own authentic experience by discovering a destination deserving of days of discovery.The free, mobile app shares the history and culture that shaped Niagara Falls and connects visitors to the landscape and places that tell those stories. An interactive wayfinding map will help get you there.

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